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Our Image Coaches

The Best In The Industry

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Rita Bhimani

Etiquette &
Personality Development

Rita Bhimani is an iconic figure in the profession of Corporate Public Relations in which she has spent five decades writing, speaking and teaching the subject.

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Pinky Kenworthy

Soft Skills & Grooming

Pinky has been associated with the fashion industry for over twenty four years, initially as a model for national and international fashion designers, fashion photographers and endorsed hundreds of products.

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Taranjeet Kaur Chohan

Image Management

Taranjeet Kaur is a Chief Empowerment Coach. She is also a personality & mindset development coach. Taranjeet is a NABET-certified Trainer, and a certified soft skills trainer from Scottish Quality Authorisation.

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Indroneel Mukherjee

Fashion & Styling

A globe trotter, a fabulous social entertainer, trendy and unconventional, Indroneel Mukherjee has one single passion- to add flavour, to enhance elegance and to heighten beauty in any woman through his unique range of creations!

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Dr. Deboshri Banik

Skin & Dentistry

Dr Deboshri Banik is the Medical Director of Image Clinic (BDS, MDS. Europe), Diploma in Facial Aesthetics). She is practicing dentistry, smile designing and facial aesthetics for almost a decade.

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Image Coach &
Pageant Groomer

For about a decade or so, Adolina has been helping youngsters, homemakers, working professionals, and beauty queens of tomorrow in achieving their image goals.

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Our Courses

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(65 Reviews)

Image Management for Working Professionals

  • 15 Lessons
  • 100+ Professionals Trained

Do you feel your true potential is not being recognized in your professional environment?

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(87 Reviews)

Personality and Beauty Management Course

  • 15 Lessons
  • 200+ Models Trained

Do you feel your public image needs refinement?

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(55 Reviews)

Image Management for Models And Actors

  • 15 Lessons
  • 150+ Models & Actors Trained

Do you feel you will make a good Model or Actor?

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(46 Reviews)

Grooming Course for Beauty Pageant

  • 15 Lessons
  • 100+ Beauty Pageant Trained

Are you an aspiring Beauty Pageant?

(127 Reviews)

Communicative English and Social Skills Development Course

  • 15 Lessons
  • 300+ Students Trained

Do you feel your Communication Skill letting you down?

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  • IPIM Image Coaches are of highest expertise in their respective fields
  • Highest standards of Image Transformation
  • Celebrity Master Coaches are epitomes of excellence
  • Weekend courses for working professionals
  • Personalized attention
  • Located in the heart of city, easy access to suburbs
  • Special scholarships / EMI options

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Image Development is for Everyone!

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Creating A Community Of
Life Long Learners.

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Celebrity Image Coaches

Our Success Stories

Hi, I am Gargi. I am a working as a professional with the broadband provision sector. I have joined a 4 month Corporate Grooming course under the guidance of Adolina Ganguly ma’am, to enhance my personality and confidence. Apart from personality and self confidence, the course has helped improve my knowledge regarding personal care such as skin care, make up, hair care, wardrobe management and many other aspects. My development has been especially in my communication skill as I was a kind of a person who was an introvert and did not speak much. But after the constant guidance and support from the team, I am now able to express my thoughts and feelings in words to communicate better, and am also able to enhance my self-image in front of my management. Last but not the least, I want to thank to Adolina ma’am and also the other image coaches who guided us to enable us to know the value of our self esteem; that will help us in our personal and profession.

Gargi, Head of Customer Support Leading Telecom Brand, Kolkata

After taking help from Adolina my image and personality development has improved a lot. We remain connected from time to time, as I still consult her with the challenges I face. I strongly believe her image management class will help others as well. Thank you Adolina for helping me in a better way. Hope our association will be stronger in the future also.”

Ashmita, Miss India Globe 2019, Kolkata Miss Tilottama, Face Calendar Model 2020, Class of 2019, Kolkata

Adolina Ma’m is an exemplary image coach counselor. I have been immensely benefited in building my image and personality by taking her classes on image development. What I am today, a part of me will always be grateful to her for all the help and guidance. Hence, I would request everyone with an aim to improve their image and personality, to get in touch with her and start taking her classes.

Soumya, MNC Professional, Class of 2019, Delhi

Beauty pageants are very competitive and success is only ensured when all the things are done right – every judgement in individual rounds is crucial. Thank you Adolina for walking me through with your apt and professional guidance

Subhasree, Marketing Professional, Class of 2020, Kolkata

Adolina ma’m has encouraged me to discover a new version of me. After attending her Image Management classes I am a confident person and a better communicator. She takes care of every student individually and has helped me work on my positive qualities and negative qualities. I am a self-reliant person and don't hesitate to meet people and communicate. I know exactly what to wear and how to create the impression that I want in the mind of others I work with.

Shikha, Winner MMIG 2019, Class of 2019, Kolkata

I am a fresh master’s graduate with a keen interest in vehicles. I am an avid designer, not only technical but also visual, with a proficiency ranging from solid works to premier pro. I currently work as an automotive technician while I look for better opportunities in the same industry. I had the chance to not only interact with but also get guidance under Adolina Ma’am and Sourav Sir. They not only taught me the finer points of corporate culture which are lesser known, but also showed me how important it is to have a personal statement, just even as in the form of an elevator pitch. One of my biggest accomplishments would be my ability to speak clearly and make myself heard.

Pushan, Avid Designer & Automotive Technician

A grooming expert is deemed as a regulator. Adolina Ganguly helped steer the course of my journey towards glamour world. She is not only an amazing mentor but also a caring person. With her sessions I felt magical transformation as she has worked on personality development and image management. She has set her sessions like that a normal person can easily follow the steps and can get an enriching journey!!!!

Madhurima, Iglam Humble Miss Bengal 2021, Miss Attitude 2021, Sharod Sundori 2021 Class of 2021, Singur (West Bengal)

After going through the rigorous training, I understood there are so many aspects of building image that we are unaware of. Not just dressing up, but body language, communication, etiquette and what is required to develop all this. From our food, to habits to many details. I am happy to have undergone the course, although I had to travel a bit from Bally to reach Ma'am's place... All to best to her!

Ananya, Mrs. Entrepreneur of Bengal 2021 by Iglam, 1st Runner up of Global Queen's & Kings Class of 2021, Kolkata

I want to thank Adolina Ganguly for everything because she is the one who helped me to become whatever I am today. I got trained by her and let me tell you modelling is actually not easy but I worked really hard for this and she made it look really easy for me. She helped me to improve my image and personality a lot. I strongly believe her image management class will help others as well. I won many pageants and also worked with different brands and all these would have not been possible without her.

Ayantani, Model and Professional MUA Class of 2021, Bally

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Image Management is a continuous, conscious, pro-active process of self-evaluation of self-appearance. The judicious management of one’s image increases confidence, capability and productivity while contributing to wholesome success. Image Management and Personality Development at IPIM address a holistic enhancement and refinement of anyone’s image and personality – be it how they look, how they interact socially, how they portray themselves professionally or on social media.

In case a person is unsure of how he/she is perceived by their colleagues/friends/social circle, they require professional guidance. There are numerous instances when our participants found themselves to be less acceptable in their social/professional environment and felt they were not confident in that environment which affected their performance. After receiving guidance from us, they are a much superior version of themselves. And they continue to build on those building blocks handed over to them at IPIM and continue to be more successful!

  • Correct self-evaluation
  • Establishing credibility/reputation
  • Significant self-branding contributor
  • An intangible asset helping people judge correctly
  • First step to success

IPIM offers certified Image Development courses for all sections of the society – whether they are students (whether school or college), working professionals, homemakers, aspiring actors, models, entrepreneurs, etc. Please visit our Courses section for details. Courses are either 4 months or 2 months duration depending on subject (for example the Express Image Management Program is a 2-month course)

All sections of the society are welcome, especially those who are socially or professionally active and are unsure of their Image Quotient*. We wish to make sure that after going through this course, a participant is able to distinguish himself/herself from the rest of the people in their ecosystem. Or, they can uplift their Image Quotient to participate in a better/higher social/professional environment.
  • “Image Quotient refers to an ongoing proactive process of evaluating and controlling the impact of one’s appearance on oneself and others

After completing these courses, a participant can look forward to the following:
  • Aim for a higher professionally fulfilling role within the same organization or a different organization
  • Expect better social acceptance by becoming a significantly better version of themselves
  • Aim to have gained much more confidence to help them in their upcoming interviews as well as in everyday life
  • Aim to be a Social Influencer
  • Aim to be a Media Professional
  • Aim to be a Model
  • Aim for higher and wider social perimeter
Please see our success stories to get a glimpse of how the lives of some of our participants were improved through our courses.

Yes, they are certified by the IPIM.

We are always working alongside many beauty pageants, either in the capacity of official image partners or helping some of their contestants prepare for specific rounds of their contests.

Course curriculum is delivered offline at our institute in OffBeat CCU. However, if there are special requirements due to distance travelled, online delivery can also be arranged. Please Contact Us for further guidance.

There are 5 practical classes and workshops in make-up, posing in front of camera, motivation, confidence development and anger management. Special workshops are conducted by our celebrity master coaches in Etiquette and Public Speaking.

Our finance team has worked out some affordable EMI options to make these certified courses as easily accessible as possible. Please contact us for choosing from one of the various options available.

The course material is a lifelong friend. It is detailed and exhaustive that will help in each step of one’s life whether it be social or professional. Participants can also keep updating from our free material and periodic newsletters which are keep reminding us of latest and classic trends and tips from the image world!

Please visit our institute at Offbeat CCU (details in our contact page) and meet our counsellor who will guide you through each step. If you still have any queries, please write to us at info@ipim.in

We encourage our potential participants to schedule a visit to our institute (by setting up a timing with our counsellor) and by sitting in our live classes to get a better understanding of how we deliver our courses.

  • Find out about the instructors – how experienced are they – do you already know them? Please go and check their social media profiles / professional credentials.
  • Find out whether the course curriculum being offered is what you have been looking for? Does it cover even a part of your actual requirement?
  • Does the institute offer a Certificate? How eligible is the institute in offering that Certificate?
  • How equipped is the institute and its class rooms?

After enrolment, at first our participants are evaluated on their Image Quotient – how they stand overall in terms of their image and what are the specific areas of improvement. Then they receive professional guidance to improve upon those areas. At the end of the course, evaluation happens through tests conducted at the institute. After successful completion, they are awarded a certificate.
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